Top Ten Health Care Apps That You Should Know About

These days, it seems like we’re busier than ever and that there is hardly any time to be healthy. We order food from our phones and never leave our desks at work (except to sleep, if we’re lucky!)

Because everyone is so busy, we’ve compiled a list of great apps to have on-hand in order to better manage your health. Take a look and let us know which one is your favorite!

My Medical: $2.99

My Medical is the perfect record-keeping app for people on the go. Store emergency contacts, general information, medications, tests, allergies, and diagnoses all in one place. This app is perfect for individuals and families tired of carrying files with lots of papers from doctor’s office to doctor’s office.

Calorie Counter: FREE

Tired of estimating how many calories that lunch outing may have cost you? Download the Calorie Counter app for access to precise numbers. If your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain healthy eating habits, this app lets you manage your diet and see your exact caloric intake.

Everyday First Aid: $0.99

This app includes a glossary with a table of common first aid ailments such as poison ivy and neck pain. The app details causes and symptoms in plain English, so you can properly handle any situation. It also has a section for storing personal health information.

Total Baby: $4.99

One of the most expensive apps on our list, Total Baby is the complete parenting package. Keep track of nursing, diapers, feedings, and sleeping schedules all in one place. Also including comprehensive charts, it will compare current data to past occurrences, highlighting patterns and irregularities in your child’s schedule. Finally, the app allows you to email content to friends and family to share exciting milestones and ask for advice.

Vision Test: FREE

This simple app tests for visual acuity, astigmatism, duochrome, color blindess, and other eye illnesses that could be affecting your sight. The app also helps you find a trusted optician in your area.

Pill Identifier: $0.99

Have you dropped a pill or accidentally mixed up your medication? Download this app and search by shape, color, and maker to identify the mystery tablet.

ZocDoc: FREE

Looking for a simple way to find a doctor or dentist? Check out this app, which searches by specialty, date, location, and insurance provider. The app includes color photos of doctors and reviews so that you can make an informed decision on the go. Bonus points: you can add appointments to your phone’s calendar in one easy step!

iBP Blood Pressure: $0.99

Taking your blood pressure can be a chore—especially if you have to do it every day. This app makes it easy to keep track of the numbers over time and chart them in an easy-to-view graph. It’s a perfect app to bring to any doctor’s appointments.

MapMyRUN GPS Running: FREE

If you’re a runner or looking to start, this app is for you! Using GPS technology, this app identifies your location and tracks how far you’ve run. Just push start and the app does the work. When you’re done with your run, simply click done and a map of your route will appear along with the mileage.

Cardiio: $4.99

Imagine that all you had to do was look at your phone for it to magically determine your heart rate and pulse? Imagine no more. The Cardiio app scans your face and uses innovative light reflection technology to calculate your heart beat. It can also analyze this data to estimate your fitness level and potential life expectancy!


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