Social marketing that
makes sense. Logically.

We take the mystery out of social and experiential marketing. By using our unique mix of logic, creativity, and just-right technology we develop and execute programs that convert friends-who'll-listen into active advocates for your brand.

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Our Brand is Bigger Than Mine

It’s more than a mantra. It’s the distillation of a premise; that the future of brand growth depends on developing deeply personal connections to relevant communities. When we succeed here, then ‘your brand’ becomes ‘our brand’ in conversations everywhere.

What It’s All About

Social media isn’t about catering to tech trends, over-blown hype, or the latest mobile platform. It’s about bringing your brand’s values to life. Online and off.

It’s about relevant messaging, inclusion and activation, and developing and managing meaningful relationships with communities. Aided by flexible, scalable, perfectly suited technologies every step of the way. It’s about tracking and measuring the effects of branded messaging and customer engagement to reveal insights that matter. And developing informed strategies and content based on fact to support your goals.

At least, that’s our logic.

Equal Parts Relationships
and Reason

SociaLogic creates fully integrated, on-demand or on-all-the-time social media and experiential marketing campaigns for forward-thinking brands—on and off the web. Programs that bring your brand values to life in memorable ways, surprise and delight, and ultimately make your brand the consumer’s choice. From B2B and CPG to personal brands and beyond.

We transform conversation and interaction into growth for your brand by underscoring the shared values and passion at its core. And we maximize the potential of your brand’s deeper connectivity by fostering consumer engagement—educating, empowering, and motivating your community of brand stakeholders, one connection at a time.

All Together Now

Social marketing has dissolved the previously impenetrable barriers of push messaging by harnessing the power of reciprocal communication.

Our social marketing programs integrate with your existing earned, owned, and paid brand initiatives, redistributing that shared power. It’s a systematic formula that enhances your broader marketing strategy by amplifying your brand’s message across all channels.

Experience Matters

SociaLogic has tapped into the often-overlooked reality that the basis of any and all social interactions is shared experience. Online communities provide brands with a centralized place for engaging with consumers, but there’s no substitute for real world experience when it comes to building sustained brand advocacy. We create consumer experiences that are worthy of action. Whether that’s conversation, conversion, sales, message amplification, or a simple share.

Experiential marketing enables brands to demonstrate their values tangibly, driving trial and increasing exposure through relationship building events. It’s a uniquely effective way to engage audiences and develop relationships with influencers who will amplify and share your brand’s message via social channels.

Meet a More Social
Social Media Agency

We're much more than an experienced team of strategists and creatives. We're bloggers, tweeters, foodies, poets, artists, and people people.


Our extensive capabilities foster growth by tapping into your brand's potential and using it to build communities that are personally invested in your brand.

Insights & Analytics

Advanced social listening methods capture the numbers that are most relevant, and our experts translate them into actionable intelligence for strategy development and program optimization.

Strategy & Planning

We create customized social programs and detailed communication calendars that define a path for your social media presence and landmarks for success along the way.

Branding (Corporate/Personal) & Reputation Management

Creative development of your brand and executions are strategically positioned in the competitive landscape—all protected by an agenda for elevating and maintaining brand status.

Content Development & Distribution

Considered and strategic multimedia messaging are created and launched with careful attention to all the details: channel, theme, tone, timing, and audience.

Community Management

Expertise, analysis, and logic connect your audience's chorus to your brand, and build meaningful relationships between communities, influencers, and ambassadors.


We craft programs and communications that foster engagement by educating, empowering, and motivating your community of brand stakeholders.

Event & Experiential Marketing

We bring together communities with influencers to create brand experiences—online and off—that drive trial and preference, and increase exposure and reach.

Custom App Development

We spread brand messaging and connect to communities on the go with engaging, functional, and innovative mobile applications.

Influencer Engagement

We cultivate and nurture authentic relationships with brand advocates to build brand loyalty and supercharge word-of-mouth marketing.

Consulting & Training

Personally tailored discovery processes illuminate your brand’s values and organizational goals in order to help our experts develop detailed plans for your brand to best safeguard your social media presence.


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